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This will provide you with a link to the morning meet at Spire.  

We will also email you a digital download of the session in about two weeks.

SPIRE (Morning) 2/11/21

SKU: S21121AM
  • If we experience technical difficulty during the live we will attempt to remedy the issue as soon as possible.  The meet is being filmed and can be rebroadcast if we encounter an issue beyond our control.  By purchasing a streaming ticket you are waiving your rights to hold OHSAA or Graham River Productions liable for any stream connection issues.   No returns will be issued but a link to the posted recorded stream will be provided as soon as is possible.  While we don't foresee an issue, things can come up when it comes to live events and streaming online.

  • Please provide your name and email address so that we can provide you with the correct link.   

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